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Fovant Community Support Group

The FCSG was established just before the announcement of the national lockdown in March 2020 in response to the Covid 19 pandemic.  An emergency meeting took place in Fovant Village Hall of 18 residents, who unanimously agreed that a support network should be set up to connect those living in Fovant and the surrounding villages of Chicksgrove and Sutton Mandeville.  Within days, the group had a steering group of 4, and a register of 70 volunteers.

The steering group  divided the local villages into numbered ‘hubs’; each with a volunteer who was ‘Hub Lead’, and then volunteers were allocated to each hub.

Zoom meetings for the Hub Leads were held every Friday inviting feedback on activity within their hub such as prescription collection/delivery, and assistance with shopping.

The FCSG was established with the full support of the Parish Council and the Spring Orchard Surgery. The FCSG and the Surgery worked closely together to establish a system of prescription collection which resulted in fewer people attending the surgery, thus protecting those shielding and those working at the Surgery.

The FCSG received continued support from Wiltshire Council, who kept in close touch, supporting grant applications, and advising on essential processes such as health and safety, risk assessments and safeguarding. They also provided virtual forums to link community groups together to share experiences and ideas.

We are justifiably proud that the FCSG & its volunteers contributed so much to the village during the height of the pandemic & the ensuing National lockdowns; 


  • devising 3 newsletters to circulate accurate information to the Community

  • being responsible for 1,500 individual support activities during the period March 2020 to April 2021

  • including the delivery of 1,100 prescriptions.

The simple yet very effective communication structure devised by the FCSG  ( of email, whatsap & zoom) remains in place and can still be applied quickly if anyone is in need of help or assistance.  The speed at which the FCSG was established, and the success it demonstrated during a challenging and difficult time, is something which demonstrates how our community co-operated closely and worked together in a time of need.

Hopefully it will not be needed again in the same way, but rest assured, should the need arise, the community of Fovant and surrounding villages will step up just as they did in March 2020.

If you need the assistance of the FCSG contact details are as follows:-

Diana Rae  

Paul Rae     

Village Hub Sections 1 to 12
Village Hub sections 12a and 14

Fovant Community Support Group Newsletters - with rationale, guidance and National support organisation contacts.

Newsletter No 1 - March 2021

Newsletter No 2 - May 2021

Newsletter No 3 - June 2021

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