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What we did on Your Holidays - Summer 2021


As restrictions from Covid eased FBS, with the Royal Signals, embarked on a project to restore and re-chalk two of the ten Fovant Badges;- The Centenary Poppy, (CENT), sadly lacking in chalk from its original construction, and the Royal Signals Badge (ROYS), left until 2020 to be renovated as a mark of the  Centenary of the formation of Signals, and the 50th anniversary of the creation of the ROYS badge. We all know what happened in 2020…..


After some detailed planning this summer, and some re-profiling marker-spray painting to correct the profile ‘drift’ over the years,  Cpl Matt Mills of  11th Signals and his team of volunteers arrived mid September and began the weeding and preparatory works on ROYS, courtesy of Ed and Sue Williams of East Farm. Over the next three working days Matt and his men and women then shifted the 23 tones of chalk, placed from our stockpile into two borrow piles directly above the two Badges by Kevin Callacher of KDC Landscaping, Dinton. He was ably assisted by Martin Wallis who was allowed to drive the dumper ! . CENT was knocked off in little over a morning’s hard work in splendid, almost ideal weather, and then ROYS was tackled over the following afternoon and the next two days, rebuilding revetments, profile cutting and filling, and then re-chalking. 


The white scars around these two badges will soon be absorbed by the herbage and the chalk will consolidate naturally into a cementitious weathering skin after a few rain/sun cycles.


We are always keen to hear from people who would like to help publicise, maintain, join a working picnic, or generally help out with FBS’ work, be it adults with time and inclination, 30 degrees in our case, or children’s school projects. 

CONTACT to get in touch.  Leslie Brantingham    


Photos credit>> JC Photography Ltd.

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