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Soldier Poets of the Fovant Camps

Sergt J.W.Street, 13th Battalion York & Lane Regiment

From his Poetry Anthology 'Undying Splendour' some of which was written while he was based in the Fovant Training Camp, comes this poem 'Hymn to Life: Hurdcott Camp' inspired by our local woodlands.


I hear thy voice in the lonely pines

When the winds arise in their unknown lair;

In the rush of waves in the caves' confines; 

In the skylark's song o'er the moorlands bare.

Thou wert, thou art, thou shalt be - mystery!

Sprung in the nebulae of myriad stars;

Thou art the soul of all humanity,

Of men who are thy own true avatars.

Thou are the spirit that dost ever weave

A cosmos from the chaos vast and deep;

A power that eternally dost heave

A consciousness from out a lifeless sleep.

Thou art desire; the birth, the end of race;

The soul of love, of hate, of peace and strife;

The mystery we fear, yet search its face;

Thou wert, thou art, thou shalt be - Life!

Fantasy Landscape
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