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Potato & Kipper Patties

Last weekend I managed to find the time to plant my potatoes; Sarpo Mira ( excellent for blight resistance) , Charlotte, Nicola ( a great all rounder) and my favourite, the nutty Pink Fir Apple. Mind you, I am feeling fairly smug as we are still eating our way through our stored potatoes from last year's harvest. They have kept particularly well this year but little sprouts are just beginning to show so I found a recipe which uses them up. Here is my kipper patty recipe, a bit like a fishy burger. They are very tasty and simple to make.

Ingredients - Make 4 patties - enough for a meal for Two.

1 Medium sized potato, peeled, boiled and mashed with 1 oz butter

220g Kipper fillets ( usually 2 in a pack)

A little flour for dusting

A little oil for frying

Cook the potatoes and mash them with the butter

Place the kipper fillet packet in a pan of boiling water and cook for 3 - 4 mins. Take off the heat and flake the fish when cooler removing the skin and any bones.

Fold in the potato

Add some salt and pepper

Shape into patties, dust with flour and shallow fry until golden.

They do not need long in the pan as all the ingredients are cooked - it's really a matter of getting a nice golden colour for presentation. You can also add some fresh dill ( chopped) if you have it to hand.

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