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Fovant Creatives

This area celebrates and shares the creative life of our village from professional artists & craftspeople to home DIYers, upcyclers and experimenters in any medium.  If you would like to share a photo of a piece of your work along with a short description of what inspired you or how you created it, then we would be very pleased to post it to our page here.  Send to our


Professional Photographer

Chris Lock has spent twenty years getting to know the landscape of Wiltshire and Dorset and recording its beauty in photographs. His interest in photography began while working and travelling overseas and, as a consequence, he is left with folders containing hundreds of slides that one day might be converted to digital images!  Read More...

Furniture & Photography

Rupert Williamson has been creating one-off bespoke pieces of furniture, since his  first Exhibition at The Royal College of Art in 1975.

Today with the help of Berwyn, who has helped him make his designs for many years, He continues creating new work.

The Pictures and Photographs evolved along side his furniture work and are a continuing passion.


Time being creative, is time well spent ! 

Playing with this fantastic medium of Clay is a form of meditation for me. I can spend hours in my studio and can get lost in the act of creating.   Appreciating the value of this medium,  I have set up 'The Ceramic Workshop'. 


My own work is all organic, in that I do not plan them, they develop into the pieces from just seeing where the creative journey takes me.  This is probably why I like the uncertainty of Raku and handbuilt pieces for they provide me with that freedom. 


Do have a look at my latest pieces...and Get in Contact

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Fantasy Author

Hi, my name is Rick Haynes. I am an author and award-winning Drabblist.

My passion is epic fantasy but I also write short stories and Drabbles in many different genres.  This is my world.

Ever upwards, never stopping, the staircase to the heavens awaits all those wishing to dream.

And all you have to do is place one foot on the first step. READ MORE...

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